(Approx. 30 km. / duration 3 hours)

Meet us at Thessaloniki for an unforgettable tour. A city of great historical significance and a crossroads of so many civilizations and cultures. Start the tour with a panoramic tour around the White Tower, the main monuments of the city, the Arch of Galley, the monument of the Rotunda, the old town (Ano Poli) and the ramparts, from where you will have a view beautiful on Thessaloniki. We will provide you with all the information on the ancient and new history of Thessaloniki by looking at these imposing buildings. During the visit, there will be a short stop at the Byzantine Agios Demetrius Church which is the most important church in Thessaloniki for religious, historical and artistic reasons.  You don’t want to lose to visit the Archaeological Museum It holds and interprets artifacts from archaic, classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods, mainly from the city of Thessaloniki, but also from Macedonia in general.

Transfer options

-Mercedes Benz taxi E Class 200 W212, edition 2013: 1-4 passengers (including kids) 60 euros (fixed price).

-Mini Van Mercedes Benz Vito edition 2017: 4-8 passengers (including kids) 90 euros (fixed price).

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