(Approx. 40 km)

Suroti is the place where you want to return again and again 20km away from Thessaloniki. The saint Paisios is buried here in the North-East from the main monastery Temple altar. Pilgrims approach the grave, stand on their knees, kiss the wooden cross gravestone and marble slab on the grave of the saint. The Monastery of St. John the Theologian is also situated in the village Souroti. On July 12th 1994, Saint Paisios reposed and was buried at the Monastery, next to the church of St Arsenios the Cappadocian. The pilgrimage is part of our visit to the monastery. During your visit, our guide will wait for you as long as it takes and he will drive you back off at your destination.

Transfer options

-Mercedes Benz taxi E Class 200 W212, edition 2013: 1-4 passengers (including kids) 40 euros (fixed price).

-Mini Van Mercedes Benz Vito edition 2017: 4-8 passengers (including kids) 60 euros (fixed price).

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