(approx. 250 km/estimate duration 6 hours)

Our destination  is in the city of Pella, which is located in Central Macedonia. In less than 45 minutes away from Thessaloniki you can find one of the most popular archaeological destinations in Greece. Pella was the capital of the Macedonian Kingdom since the late 5th century BC. In the recently structured museum we’ll have the chance to see some magnificent mosaics dated back to the 4th century BC and other Macedonian pieces of ancient art. After leaving Pella we will head to the beautiful village of Vergina and the impressive Royal Tombs at the museum of Aigai. Among other outstanding findings lies the tomb of King Phillip II of Macedonians, father of Alexander the 3rd (Alexander the Great). It is one of the best museums in Europe while the exhibits displayed will take you a travel back in time!

Transfer options

-Mercedes Benz taxi E Class 200 W212, edition 2013: 1-4 passengers (including kids) 150 euros (fixed price).

-Mini Van Mercedes Benz Vito edition 2017: 4-8 passengers (including kids) 180 euros (fixed price).

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