The Church of Saint George (Omorfokklisia) is located 20km southwest of the city of Kastoria , in a village named after the Church. It is one of the most popular Byzantine monuments of Macedonia and its earlier name was “Kallista” which means the best of all or the most beautiful. It is a cruciform church with a narthex and estimated to be built in 11th century.

Its interior decoration has plenty frescoes dated in 13th century whereas its exterior frescoes are dated in the early of 14th century. Ceramic plastic decorations on the exterior walls are also worth mentioning which together with frescoes are connected with the Palaiologan dynasty.

Omorfokklisia is most known out of its whole body woodcut picture of St. George. This oversized historical and cultural value picture  is about 3 meters tall and is considered miraculous. According to tradition some nuns were trying to carry this sculpture with a stretcher from Konstantinoupolis. As they were passing by the place that the church is nowadays located the stretcher stopped moving against their willing. Then the nuns thought it was St. George’s desire to be there and they decided to built a church to honor His name. Every year thousands of believers visit the Church during St. George’s celebration day to pray and stick their coin on the glyph. Once the coin sticks means that the believer has a strong faith and his/her prayers may come true!

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