The famous Red House in Thessaloniki is located at the corner of of Agia Sophia and Ermou streets and is a unique example of eclectic architecture in the city. The name “Red House” comes from the facade of red bricks and ceramic decorations throughout the outer surface of the building.

The Red House was designed by the architect L. Jenari. The construction started in 1926 and was completed in 1928 on behalf of the industrialist Yiannis Logou. The company that built the building oddly went bankrupt shortly after the completion and the huge industrial unit of Logou was destroyed by fire. There, begins the legend, the mystery and the talks about the supernatural forces hidden in this house.

Some people consider it haunted and the stories of people who tried to inhabit it, but heard voices, committed suicide, saw ghosts and vampires, are very well known. The building remained abandoned for more than 40 years and thus an urban legend about it was born. Nevertheless, today three shops operate on the ground floor of the building. The old sign “Café Hermes” refers to one of the most famous cafés of that time that operated until 1992.I really like the urban legends about the Red House because I find it very interesting and amusing that everyone knows a different version of the story above. When you find yourself at this spot, take a moment to observe the building and try to find your own truth and make up your own story about it.

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